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Energy Medicine Practitioner 
Master Quantum Touch Healer
Certified Medical Intuitive
Certified Master Level Eye Healer
Certified Master Level Dental Healer
Regenerate Healer
Master Grace Healer
Licensed Massage Therapist
LMT-OR#7874  NCBTMB#301201-00
Life Coach
Lavender Grower
Creator of Body Beautiful Organics
Skin Care Products
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Currently living on the beautiful Oregon coast, Frances E. Klippel, a Master Healer and Medical Intuitive, serves clients around the world. 

My Journey 

I have lived with a highly sensitive and hyper vigilant system since childhood. As a young woman, I was debilitated by extreme anxiety and panic attacks, and was too frightened to see or talk to anyone about this. From this early experience I was led on a path of self-discovery, educating and healing myself. 


I have been a bodyworker, licensed massage therapist, since 1977 and have studied many therapies such as Swedish, Lymphatic, Hydrotherapy, Feldenkrais, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Trigger point, Polarity and others.  Those many years of practice led me to a unique way of observing, listening, feeling and interpreting information from each client and how to align the best modality or service for that individual. 

After a shoulder separation from a fall in 2006, I had to abruptly end my massage practice. I then entered the world of energy medicine which has since led me to study with many healers, medical intuitives, herbalists and into understanding quantum mechanics as it relates to healing. 

My Journey

How I Work

Medical Intuitive Healers read through a system of information exchange. We read patterns of energy and look at programming within your system affecting body, mind and spirit. Many people turn to us when they have tried everything or been everywhere else but continue to be ill or plagued by symptoms; they have not healed. In our session we will look at root causes of mild to moderate health issues - often we can prevent them before they manifest in your system.

Frances Logo For Website 6.png
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