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Choose your desired package from the options below. After payment is received, I will send you a brief intake form and give you options for appointment times. If you have questions about booking, you can contact me via this form. Thank you!

How to Book Your Session

Our bodies are brilliant! They have the capacity to regenerate and heal. Sometimes healing is instant and in other cases, it just takes time - it depends on many variables, and each situation is unique. Most people receive energies very well, respond positively, and notice further changes over time.


 Medical Intuitive Reading

 A Medical Intuitive Reading including scans, assessments, activations and attunements to clear, regenerate and heal body’s systems...


Quantum Touch Healing Session

Quantum-Touch is a powerful healing technique that reduces pain and promotes optimal wellness by working with one’s life force energy...


Grace Healing Session

Grace Healing is a  customized energetic healing transmission that assists in healing a current health issue or any other current problem...

""Dearest Frances, my knee gets better by the moment. It seems truly miraculous. I’m about to take Coco for a short Walk around the neighborhood because it’s feeling so much better. In fact it feels totally normal right now!  Thanks for sharing your gift." 

~Karen B.   


"​Ron is so much better, still having a little swallowing problems still but His recovery from this frightening episode so much more quickly than usual. Truly we attribute this to you and your healing powers. Thank you, sincerely."  

~Valerie H.

"I have dealt with chronic pain for much of my life, and while some things have been helped, often temporarily, by traditional physical therapy and massage, I don't like to take medications that treat the symptoms and not the root cause of an issue -- and doctors can't seem to identify that root cause -- so I've largely learned to live with certain daily pain. However, I started to sense that maybe some of my pain was not entirely due to physical injury, and within a couple days of thinking that, two separate people, out of the blue, mentioned Frances and how she'd helped them with issues. I decided to pay attention to that message, though with my history in trying to find relief, I honestly didn't expect too much. After our phone session, I felt quite a reduction in pain almost immediately, so much, in fact, that I've now been motivated (and physically able) to start exercising again. Frances' kind, caring manner and gentle encouragement made this a great experience. I can't explain how this works, but the result is all the answer I need!"    

~Beth H.

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